Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No Way Out?

Yesterday I received an email from a friend that has the KnightVision mobile app. He asked:
My son likes playing KnightVision  and he found this. Does this count as a bug?
It would appear that the Bishop is trapped with "no way out" and with no way to complete the level. To see how the Bishop escapes and captures the pawns keep reading...

The short answer to this dilemma is to do a long press on the Bishop which will temporarily transform it into a Knight then make one or more moves and then change it back into a Bishop.

For every piece except the Knight there are times when it is necessary to transform into a Knight to complete the level. For most pieces this only happens at the highest levels. For the Bishop this issue crops up from the beginning because a Bishop can only travel on either the light squares or the dark squares. Even if all pawns were forced to be on the same color as the Bishop the issue would still occur at higher levels, like the one in this question, where the piece would be trapped without the Knight transformation.

Even the powerful Queen needs to transform into a Knight to complete some levels. This provides a useful demonstration and lesson of some of the unique properties of the different pieces.
  • The Knight is the only piece that can jump over other pieces or pawns.
  • Each Bishop is limited to travel on only half of the chess board; either the dark or light colored squares.

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